You can take the helm and have a go at steering and controlling the sails, or just sit back and watch the scenery while our volunteer instructors sail the boat for you.

For general sailing, we have five standard 20ft Yeoman keelboats, a Yeoman which has been adapted to wheel steering, with a forward facing helm seat, a  RS Venture Keel with forward facing bucket seats and joystick steering. Both of these boats enable visitors with a restricted ability to enjoy supported sailing. We now have three new Hansa 303 dinghies.

For an introduction to sailing, our two stable and roomy 20ft Falmouth Bass Boats take up to 10 people, and in addition to the sail have a quiet and pollution-free electric motor. We can provide supported seating and bean bags for those who require more stability.

You can sail with us between April and the end of October.  We have some limited opportunities for Winter Sailing between November and March.  However we do not have use of the Ark pontoon in the winter and the boats we have available are limited to a Yeoman and Bass boat. We do not recommend sailing outside the April/October season to anyone who is susceptible to the cold.

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