Our pedal  launches are a great way to get out and about on the Broads.

Seating 2 people facing each other  you can enjoy the scenery and peace and quiet of the area. The seats are adjustable to suit different leg lengths. How far you go or how fast are under your control, all depending on how much effort you want to put in. They are really to easy  use, To go forward pedal one way to go backwords pedal the other way. To stop, just stop pedalling. To turn there is a lever on your right. To turn to Left (Port) push forwards, to turn Right (Starboard) pull the lever back.  To go straight on, keep it in the middle. To make sure everyone is safe we provide you with a buoyancy aid and our safety boat will be near by.

Please give a call on 01953 630572 or email to info@nancyoldfield.org.uk for more information or to check availability.


Bookings will be subject to staff / volunteer availability and weather conditions. If you would like to make a weekend booking, please contact us to discuss days and times available