Our wonderful, dedicated and loyal volunteer, Bob Chapman, is back on his mission to save the Broads.  The Norfolk Broads are a beautiful and magical place to be, it is unfortunate that some people do not cherish it as much as the majority of us and have an unhealthy tendency to throw their rubbish into the water.

Bob is on a mission to clear up the Broads by running Litter Picks.  The next one will be held on Saturday 21st March, Stephen Bradnock (Centre Manager) has been in talks with Bob so that he can orchestrate his mission from The Nancy Oldfield Trust for himself and fellow volunteers to use all manner of boats to manoeuvre into all the open waters and tricky parts of the Broads.

Over the years it has become more apparent the vast amount of rubbish that is floating in the waters and coming across wildlife that has succumbed to a predator created by us.  If you would like to find out how you can help, please contact the office who can give you some information on the Litter Pick event, or other methods which can also have an impact.

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