Great news! We are back on the water and our visitors are starting to return to enjoy sailing, motor boating and canoeing with us on the beautiful Norfolk Broads. 

 Exciting news for 2021 is that we are now able to offer two brand new boating activities. 


We now have two pedal launches, soon to be joined by a third, built by the local firm Dad’s Boats’. Visitors can enjoy pedalling with a friend or one of our instructors while watching the world glide by. A perfect way to relax and get some gentle (or more vigorous!) exercise after the long months of lockdown. 

Jane and Mark in one of our ‘Universal ‘pedal boatsoff for a twohour cruise. 

We also have three brand new Hansa 303 mini keelboats to add to our fleet. These are ideal for anyone with limited lower body mobility and can be sailed solo or with an instructor on board (once social distancing rules are relaxed). 

Charles sailing the Orange Hansa

Later in the summer we will also be offering a stand-up paddle board experience for our visitors on our new Mc Conks Mega stand up paddle board.  

As you can see from the picture of us trialling the mega board last summer it is able to carry up to 8 people and we plan to enable wheelchair users to take part in this increasingly popular activity. 






This expansion and diversification of our activities has been supported by the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership through the Business Resilience and Recovery Grant Scheme, Norfolk County Council through the Social Infrastructure Fund, by a variety of grant making trusts as well as through donations from individual supporters.


To help us provide facilities for our visitors and volunteers while social distancing remains in force, North Norfolk District Council’s Tourism Support Grant has enabled us to buy two gazebos, additional seating and a space heater.       This has given us comfortable temporary outdoor space for everyone to use while the Centre building remains closed to everyone apart from office staff

Some of the Team enjoying a break!




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